Phone Repair 101 – Common iOS Problems

In the billion dollars mobile industry, the two most competitive programming and operating systems introduced are Android and iOS. The debate as to which one is the best is an ongoing, certainly not near extinction, and can last forever.

However, the only competitive mobile company that introduced iOS was Apple Inc. The iOS, as introduced by Apple, was designed for the products of Apple itself. The electronic gadgets that included the iPad, iPhone were made to run on this operating system. Over the years, Android and iOS have been competing so much for a higher market share.

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However, as much as the innovators at Apple try advancing this operating software, problems in iOS still persist, and many common ones have been reported over the passing time period. While many issues that are of a serious degree require an expert’s assistance or professional help, some problems are very common to occurring and can be solved at home with simple steps or a simple guide.

Moreover, the concept of repairxpress is one that is much needed in these testing times. While the new digital and technological era, where every work depends on these handy devices and one cannot afford wasting days on a phone repair, one can opt for this. Being budget-friendly, accessible, and quick, you would not need to waste hours and days of your precious time.

While these devices perform smoothly most of the time, some problems can still arise. This guide lists some of the most commonly reported problems to help you locate the problem, and you can solve them at home. iPhone users face jailbreak problems, transferring data from old to a new phone, and many other issues.

Poor Battery Life

The most common and recurring problem that iOS users face is that of poor battery life. For most of the population, this problem resolves after an iOS upgrade, while for others, this problem reoccurs after a while. Most people complain of rapid decrease after 30 percent and then a quick device shutdown.

While not much has been done to cater to this common problem, you can always improve or solve this problem for your phone at home. Firstly you can keep track of the battery percentage and resort to charging it quickly. Next, you can always opt for a low power mode or battery saver mode, which will lower your screen brightness, slow down the updates for the phone, background app refresh, and some visual effects while you make it to your home in time to charge the phone.

iPhone Freezes

While every other smartphone device faces this problem, implying that these operating software are not error or problem-free, the iOS users face this problem as often as the android users do. This problem on an iOS can occur due to multiple reasons such as the iOS does not support an app or is in need of getting upgraded. If such a problem occurs, you might want to restart the phone and close any app that is working the background.

Furthermore, you can reinstall any app that you wanted to use and could not. Sometimes reinstalling the latest version of the app for the app store can also help resolve this kind of problem.

iPhone Touch Unresponsive

A common problem or complaint that Apple users have reported is the phone’s screen sensitivity. A close fall to the ground or a close shock can cause a crack in the screen, making it unresponsive. The unresponsive screen can attribute to causes such as slowing down of the operating processor or any faulty app hindering the work of the software. While if this is the case, make sure your screen is clean and dry, restart your phone, and it would work again. Moreover, clean the caches daily for a smooth performance.

If your device has a cracked display, you might want to consider taking it to a professional or any authorized Apple distribution to fix it.

 iPhone Face ID Unresponsive

The added benefit of a face ID makes the device feature look even cooler and more advanced, many problems have been reported with this feature. A face ID feature allows you to access the phone without entering a password or pin, which is worth spending money on. However, if problems with this feature exist, try rebooting your device or simply try restarting your phone. If this still does not make the feature functional, try resetting the face ID feature from the settings.

iPhone Disabled

In our busy and demanding lifestyle, it is common to forget things. This leads to the problem of forgetting your iPhone password. While you make several attempts to try getting it right, your iPhone gets disabled, asking you to try again after 5, 10 minutes or so. A common method to unlock your phone if you cannot remember its password is to reset the device and insert a new passcode. One can also opt for the recovery mode to fix your disabled phone.

While most of us are aware of the fact that the process of fixing a disabled iPhone leads to loss of your complete data, you might want to make continuous backup to the iCloud to prevent losing all your data.

Most of the problems mentioned above are common and occur among the iPhone population, but with this guide handy, you can always repair your phone at home without spending money and at the ease of your house and comfort and prevent any further damage from happening.

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