Photosynth – Photo Networking

With so much content shared on the Internet, especially pictures, it is sometimes really hard to put them all into context. Usually if you search for something you really never get EXACTLY what you are looking for. It’s frustrating and it’s time consuming. On the horizon there is a new way to browse photos on the Internet. A new technology called “Photosynth” is emerging from Microsoft and it is nothing less then STUNNING. With the huge resource of the Internet this new software is scraping the Internet for the pictures of the object, place or person you are looking for and stitch it together into a full multidimensional environment in which you can turn, roll, pivot and much, You are suddenly able to see your search from any angle that you may choose you want to look at it from.

This video clip just blew me away and I can’t wait to test it out myself. Microsoft predicts that this technology is about 2 years away from publicly being introduced.