Pillow Remote: Just Make Sure You Don’t Drool On It!

I have to admit that I am not exactly a frequent telly watcher. It’s a pastime that my schedule doesn’t allow, and I would blame myself forever if I ever got addicted to a series or some useless zapping. I think it’s way better to use the time to stay creative, and spend it with your loved ones. That investment is always a sure bet and it will allow you to entirely submerge yourself in the real facts of today other than some fictional drama presented in a plastic format. I have written articles about remote controls before, and they keep poking on my attention.

Such is the case with this one from Brookstone! It’s a remote control all bundled into a comfy and soft pillow. The genius design and the universal compatibility will surely keep you motivated not to sleep during your favorite TV shows. I mean, if you’re laying on it you won’t be able to switch the channels, right?

For the geeky price of only $29.95 you can own this piece of technological geekdom and make sure that anyone that tries to steal it from you will have their pillow fight all cut out and ready to go. This pillow remote will ensure you the “master over the TV” role. If you sleep on it, you can be sure never to lose the remote either. Ever! Just make sure you don’t drool on it, that would seriously limit your chances of switching that channel ever again.