Pillow Talk: Let’s You Sleep Talk With Your Friends

Are you one of those people that when the alarm starts buzzing in the morning, you feel like throwing it into the wall so it will never wake you up again? You’re not alone. There are millions of people out there who are looking for ways to wake up in a little bit more relaxed way without having to be instantly reminded that it’s time to haul their butts to work or school. It’s one of those things that most people go through every now and then, especially when the darker days of the year start creeping upon us. When you lay there, you just want to be able to stop time, call in sick, or even perhaps do your work from your bed. Now that might be a possibility! Well, that is if you’re on the phone pretty much all the time at work.

Get yourself the Pillow Talk, and you will find that talking on the phone is a whole lot more relaxing. It’s a new gadget from Willcom that will enable you to stay put in bed while still talking on your phone. You simply connect your smartphone to the star shaped pillow and viola, you have yourself a pillow talk with one of your friends or collegues.

Maybe this will put some more creativity into your days since you will be able to take calls even when your work day is over. Or, even when your day has come to an end completely. Talk about having a 24/7 support service. Maybe this is what they actually have over at those customer service offices that are open 24/7, and we just haven’t known about it until now. I highly doubt that, but it would be pretty darn cool if you ask me. I am sure that one of the many Internet companies out there (with those playful offices) have or will invest in a couple of these. It would serve their offices quite well I reckon. Now connect your phone and start sleep talking!

Willcom Sleep Talk Pillow Gadget

Willcom Sleep Talk Pillow Gadget

Willcom Sleep Talk Pillow Gadget

Via: [InventorSpot]