Pocket Light | Flat Light Bulb for special moments!

If I would have gotten a dollar for every time I wish I had some kind of light source around while being in the dark I would have been a rich man today. Whether it is when trying to open the door after a night out or just trying to fix something in a cramped area where light is sparse I have many times cursed at the absence of light. But there is seemingly a solution on the horizon for this common problem.

Pocket torches or flash lights have been the problem solver for years but I must admit that they are crummy and not always easy to carry around with you. For example, who brings a small flash light with them while going out partying for example. I am one of those that wants to bring as little as possible with me and a flash light is definitely not among the things I would pick if I had to.

Designer Harc Lee (who seems to be a kick butt concept designer) has developed a flat light bulb that you can easily carry with you in your wallet or in your pocket. You bring out the credit card sized flat advice and just flip the flat light bulb upwards and there is your light. The light source is a power cell not bigger than a quarter and it’s inside the card like flash light.

This device sheds a powerful yet smooth light across the area you are at and it is perfect for those moments when you’re up on an look out spot and just need a subtle smooth light to accompanying you and your partner. In my book this is a genius device and I can’t wait to get one…if it will ever be available commercially.