This Pocket-Sized Micro Arcade Cabinet Is A Gamer’s Dream

Gamers are always looking for the most optimized and mobile way of carrying out their addiction, which of course is gaming. If you are a gamer, you might be able to relate to the fact that whenever a new console comes out you’ve got to have it. Even when the most anticipated games come out you run down to the store, 3 days before it is released I might add, and eagerly wait to get your copy. Well, this micro arcade cabinet should help you with that gaming addiction of yours.

I know many of you are going to flip out when I say this, but this plexiglass micro arcade cabinet is actually based off of a Raspberry Pi pocket computer. Not only that, but there are two screens on it which makes it even more epic. The first screen is of course the main arcade screen, where you actually play the game. The second screen is on the overhead and shows the name and logo of the game you are currently playing.

This micro arcade comes with three games so far. Well, it’s not like you can buy this little pocket arcade game anywhere. As you might have figured out, it’s a Raspberry Pi project that bursts the boundaries of awesomeness. The sheer look of it makes me want one, but I doubt that the creator, YouTuber SpriteTM, has any intentions of parting with his epic creation.

The only thing I think could have been made a little bit better is the joystick. The top of it looks a little custom made while the rest of the micro arcade cabinet looks quite professional. But hey, who am I to criticize, right? I probably wouldn’t even know how to put this epic thing together.

Here are a few stats for all of you techno junkies out there. The micro arcade cabinet is, as said, based on a Raspberry Pi computer but also incorporates a GPIO-driven 2.4″ LCD, a custom-made PSU to power it from LiIon batteries, 3W of stereo speakers, buttons and a joystick. All put together to form this incredibly awesome micro arcade cabinet. Pure want!

Pocket-Sized Raspberry Pi-Based Micro Arcade Cabinet

Pocket Micro Arcade Cabinet

Pocket Micro Arcade Cabinet

Pocket Micro Arcade Cabinet