Porsche Smartphone: The New Luxury Cell Phone To Flaunt

Everyone knows that with a new and cool cell phone, you are likely to catch anyone’s attention. Sure, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the girlies will flock around you just because you have a rad cell phone, but it’s surely a conversation striker in any situation involving a group of people. The iPhone is getting old, and pretty much everyone has one to mess with. Here is Sweden, I rarely see anyone with anything other than an iPhone (or maybe I just notice the people that have one) so I guess Apple has done a good job in advertising those suckers over here.

However, there is always room for a bit of luxury in the world it seems, and just like in the auto industry, there are some finer, more expensive brands to choose from. By the looks of it, there is a shift coming up where we will most likely be able to choose a little more carefully whether we want to spend that extra cash on something like a luxury cell phone or the same old technology presented by Apple.

André Duarte Silva put together a techie’s wet dream cell phone that he calls “Porsche Design Smartphone” (where Porsche is connected to Porsche Design and not the auto brand itself) which carries some rather awesome specks. The slim and sleek look of it is totally inviting, but when you notice the different features, it becomes a must have. How about a home and navigation button and a quick video access button which enables you to create great looking home videos in 720p HD video with stereo sound quality. You also have the choice to record 3D movies with dual cameras of which one is used to take 5Mp photos along with a low light LED flash. I could go on forever, and I urge anyone to check out André’s website for more information.

Oh, and the smartphone uses Android as a base, and according to André, it will also have its own app store. At closer look, it looks quite like the iPhone doesn’t it? Hmm… Still I’d like to mess with it to see what its potential is.