Portable Wikipedia – WikiReader Makes You Oracle Of Everything

I am seriously starting to believe that there is a gadget or an app for everything. You see, when you read through hundreds of articles each day, and you stumble across something that you didn’t think you would ever see, then you know for sure that the world is an awesome place. Innovation almost happens every second in today’s technological empire. Is there a gadget that we haven’t thought of yet? What is next… a gadget that will help us understand the complex creation of clouds or how fast grass grows?

Gadgets are good, don’t get me wrong, but to invent the wheel twice is probably not going to get you very high on the list of innovative inventors when the millennium is over. When I think about it more, I don’t think you’ll enter that list at all if you do that. So, my advice is to stay away from everything that has already been invented or conceptualized and come up with something entirely new. That way, you will ensure your own success as an inventor, as well as a game changer.

Openmoko Inc. has come up with the Godly geeky solution for how to put Wikipedia in your pocket. It sounds weird, I know. My first thought was, “Don’t I have that already?” However, this takes the whole thing just one step further. What they have done is to create and manufacture a gadget called “WikiReader,” that holds the entire works of Wikipedia in one place. The whole 4 GB of it. There is no downloading, no waiting, nothing except a pure speed Wiki experience. Why they didn’t call it Speedipedia, I don’t know. It would have made for a much catchier name in my opinion cause that’s all it does really.

Normally when I use Wikipedia, I just login to my computer and start browsing. If I am out and only have my iPhone… well then I browse on my iPhone. Why would I need another gadget with me just to check out Wikipedia? Maybe it has some divine button that I don’t know about, but I surely can’t see the advantage of it. But then again, I am a gadget geek, and in order to turn this article around completely, I would have to have one just to show it off to my friends and say -“Who is the fairest oracle in world?” You got that right… if you want more information about the WikiReader, just go the official website and read up on it. The price will around $100 for this highly informative gadget.