Project Natal | The Innovative Conceptualized Journey

Project Natal has become the backbone of Microsoft’s future strategy to take over the world once again. The innovative idea and the technology behind it is truly astounding and makes for new and fresh idea of how things will work in the future. We’ve seen a few and rather impressive demonstrations of how it will somewhat work and what kind of use we can expect it to have when fully developed. The idea is simple and has been tried on several occasions before in order to make us use our whole body to move, interact and control things and objects on the screen.

What we don’t know is what the birth thought was of this whole idea and how it all started. What it uses and how it all works as a connection to each other. mentioned is that Natal is a combination of 50 percent software and 50 percent hardware. What exactly that means is not clear more than that someone has really done something right in both ends of the development chain.

In either case or whatever happened behind those closed doors there is something really cool brewing at Microsoft. Maybe this is the reason why Microsoft was so lame at their keynote at CES and kept up the talking and talking about nothing in particularly cool or revolutionary. It seems they fully rely on the Natal projects success and they are doing everything to stall any briefs of its development.

But, as a little teaser (yet another one) here is a clip of the projects innovative journey and what really makes it so awesome and why.