Pros And Cons Of Online Faxing For Businesses

As a business, having the right systems in place can make all the difference. One system that a lot of businesses consider using is online faxing. As with anything, there are some pros and cons of online faxing. Here’s what you need to know when making the switch.

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Pros Of Online Faxing

Online faxing has a lot of benefits, especially when compared to traditional fax machines. Here are some of the pros of using this innovative technology.

Accessible Anywhere

The main benefit of online faxing is that you can send and receive documents from anywhere. This is increasingly important as more businesses are outsourcing to contractors and building remote teams. It’s no longer uncommon for small businesses to have co-workers in different countries connecting via video conferencing and file sharing.

As a small business owner, it’s important to stay in touch with operations even when you step away. Being able to receive faxes while away at a conference or on vacation can be integral to keeping the business moving forward.

Paperless File Storage And Sharing

Many online fax services offer more than just sending documents— they also store copies and build a paper trail in the cloud. Sending online fax via eFax makes it easier to go back and find records of important documents both in an office setting and while on the go.

Another benefit of a paperless approach is that the Millennial generation is more likely to buy from a business that has a strong eco-conscious presence. Making the switch to online faxing is a simple way to contribute to a green business strategy, cutting costs along the way.

Streamline Contracts

Online faxing is one of the best ways to keep contracts moving forward, as the best online fax services offer electronic signature capabilities. Rather than the traditional approach of sending a contract, printing it, scanning it, and sending it back, now you can complete a legal contract with the click of a few buttons.

Bulk Sending Is Easy

With traditional faxing, sending the same information to numerous recipients can be time-consuming. Older machines require putting the numbers in individually, waiting for the fax to send, and repeating the process. Modern machines have made it easier to plug numbers in simultaneously, but the wait is just as long. With online faxes, you can send a copy of a document to many recipients with a click.

Cons Of Online Faxing

There aren’t many cons to online faxing, but it’s essential to be informed when making a business decision. Here are some of the cons of making the switch.

You Need An Internet Connection

While you aren’t limited by a landline, you will need an internet connection to access your documents. If you’re traveling somewhere with spotty wifi or service, this can be challenging. You will have to ensure you have a data package on your phone, and that you have downloaded copies of essential documents that are stored from faxing.

Contacts May Lack Of The Same Approach

When making the switch to online faxing, it’s not uncommon to be ahead of the curve. Just because you can send and receive faxes or use electronic signatures, doesn’t mean your contacts can. While things may be quicker on your end, you could still have to wait based on the tools and systems your clients and vendors are using.

Is It Worth Switching To Online Faxing?

When it comes to switching to online faxing, the pros far outweigh the cons. There’s never going to be a perfect business process, and there’s always the potential for conflict. However, with online faxing, you can go paperless, use cloud storage, and move in the direction the world is going— untethered to landlines and primed for success.

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