Flip: Next Gen Internet Controlled Light Switch System

People have always wanted to optimize things in their lives. It’s like every single gadget, electronic device and even our interior design items are optimized to give us more room and time for other things. One thing that has annoyed people for decades is the nagging feeling of not knowing if you turned off the lights, the iron or even the stove when you have left your home. I am sure we have all gone back home only to make sure it’s all turned off and safe. It’s not only annoying, but it’s also time consuming. But there are people who are working on a solution for this at this very moment. Soon the days of worrying will be over, and it is all thanks to a new next gen Internet controlled light switch and outlet system.

It’s called the Flip Smart Switch system and is one of those innovations that you wish you had come up with yourself. It enables Internet controlled off and on switches through your smartphone. Yup, it’s awesome like that. For example, if you leave your home and can’t remember whether or not you turned off the lights in the bathroom or the kitchen, the Flip system will allow you to check them and turn them off right from your iPhone. As long as you are connected to the Internet, you will be able to control all the electronics connected to an outlet or a switch in your home.

This Internet controlled switch system will not only allow you to turn on and off gadgets remotely, but you will also be able to dim the lights or have the light switch sensor automatically control the light for you depending on the light in the room. You can even connect it to the TV (if I understand it correctly) so that it will sense if you are watching a movie and turn off the lights completely for example. That’s not all, you could even hook this Internet controlled system up to your local weather forecast to allow the light to be adjusted according to the type of weather outside.

I think with the right price tag on this system, it could be a huge success. The company behind it, Flip Electric, is currently looking for funding through IndieGoGo. They are looking to raise $150,000 in 36 days. Whether they will succeed in doing that is entirely up to all of us. By pledging $100.00 (and if the project is successfully funded) you will get one Flip switch that will instantly make your light switch smart and Internet controlled. This is almost science fiction in the making. I believe Bill Gates has had this in his house for several years, but this system allows us ordinary people the chance to get an Internet controlled and energy saving light switch and outlet smart system in our own homes.

Flip Electric’s Internet Controlled Switch & Outlet System

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