Self-Serving Security Screening System Soon To Enter Our Reality

For travelers, the security screening procedure is probably the most tiresome process of the whole trip. I recently traveled to Los Angeles from Stockholm, and the screening line was never shorter than having to wait for at least an hour. It is an exhausting endeavor to have to stand in line for that long only to go through a scanning device that takes less than a couple of seconds. Soon that could be but a thing of the past with a new self-serving security screening system.

Dr. Lisa Dolev was determined to make the security screening procedure as tolerable and as quick as possible without compromising overall security, so she started Qylur Security Systems. Her goal was to create a system that allowed individuals to take their belongings and put them through a self-serving security screening system that would be just as effective as the ones used today, but with more speed efficiency.

She describes the system as the ultimate solution for speed and security. No longer will you have to worry about someone else touching your stuff while you yourself are being screened. The self-serving security screening system is based off a code on a piece of paper given to you at the time of check in. All you need to do is to slide the ticket in front of the security screening system’s scanner, where you will then be allowed to put your luggage into the screening machine. When you close the door it locks and can only be opened by you on the other side.

This supposedly both keeps your stuff safe as well as increases the speed of the security screening process overall. Hopefully in the future we will no longer need to stand in “hour” long lines just to travel or enter an event we want to attend.

The system may of course also be incorporated at train stations, stadiums and parks, which will further increase security and the speed it takes us to enter an event we want to attend. Question is if governments around the world “have” the funds necessary to switch out the current ones with this security screening system. I guess the availability of these funds as well as time will determine that.

Qylur’s – Self-Serving Security Screening System

Innovative Security Screening System

Innovative Security Screening System

Innovative Security Screening System

Innovative Security Screening System

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