Prosthetic Arm Just Made Luke Skywalker Technology A Reality

The scene in Star Wars where we see Luke Skywalker lose his arm, which is only to be replaced by a prosthetic one, is one of the most legendary visuals from the Star Wars franchise. It has etched itself into our minds and we ask ourselves, “Could a prosthetic arm really look that real?” As it turns out, the answer to that question is a definite yes. The technology behind prosthetic limbs has come a long way since we first saw pirates walk around with a wooden leg. Today bionic body parts are sometimes as realistic as real ones. When it comes to arm prosthetics, we have somewhat reached the level of realism that is quite comparable to that of what we see in the scene with Luke Skywalker’s newly incorporated arm.

Nigel was the unfortunate victim of an accident at work that lead to him losing his right arm. One would think that such an event would cripple a man. That’s when BeBionic comes to the rescue with their innovative technology and superior knowledge in prosthetic arm construction. Their new BeBionic B3 prosthetic arm was presented to Nigel and his life has never been the same again.

This impressive innovation has almost lifelike movements and can pretty much handle anything a real arm could. It uses residual neuromuscular signals from the wearer’s own muscles to control and transform into 14 hand positions and grips. In the video, Nigel demonstrates his new prosthetic arm with almost uncanny precision. As I said, there’s no doubt that prosthetic arms have come a long way since the wooden pirate leg. I even dare to say that we will probably, in a couple of years, be at a stage where you can no longer tell the difference between a real arm and a prosthetic one. At the rate at which things from the science fiction world are becoming real, I no longer doubt the things we once said were impossible will be realized in a much sooner future than we could have ever imagined.

BeBionic’s Advanced Prosthetic Arm Presentation


Via: [Technabob]