Prototype Of Apple’s Attempt To Make The iPhone Back In 1983

It’s hard to summarize Apple’s enormous success throughout the years. Even when Apple wasn’t doing so well, it was hard to make out all the things that went wrong. Speculations have been flowing around, and they are constantly revisited, especially now that Steve Jobs is no longer with us. Whether Apple will stay on their feet after they have depleted the Jobs Archive of innovations, no one knows, and it is as some people say, too early to speculate on that. But sure, one can have opinions that stray both ways, but only the future will tell what will happen to the successful company in the end.

One thing is for sure though, and that is that Steve Jobs always knew where to point his feet. What a lot of people don’t know is that Apple actually outsourced a project to a company named Frog Design back in 1983 to make the first iPhone. Yes, this is no spoof and no attempt to make a humorous poke at Apple. Frog Design actually made a prototype of an iPhone back in 1983, and it featured a touchscreen and several different apps.

The prototype was later scrapped and put into an Apple museum, and the idea simply stayed dormant until Steve once again steered the company to success. This should definitely be a testament to Steve Jobs’ innovation and vision for the future. When you think about it, if Steve Jobs managed to think up the iPhone back in 1983, what does Apple have in their Jobs Archive now? We’re talking about an innovation that stayed dormant for almost 20 years and still, in theory, became the most successful smartphone ever launched. So when you think about some people’s predictions that Apple will run out of Steve Jobs ideas in as short as 3-5 years from now, that doesn’t really cover the lifespan of this genius’ innovations, does it?

The iPhone Prototype In 1983

The iPhone Prototype In 1983

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