Using Push Notification To Increase E-Commerce Sales

Push notifications refer to messages that users can see when visiting a particular website. These push notifications can greatly help entrepreneurs increase their revenue because it works effectively in improving sales and traffic to your e-commerce site. How? Read further to find out.

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The Many Uses Of Push Notifications

Alert Users Of Limited Sale

Push notifications do an excellent job in announcing sales and discounts. To be able to elicit immediate favorable response, make this notification time-sensitive. This could be in the form of “flash sale” where users are informed that the sale will end after 24 hours.

Another good way to take advantage of push notifications is to send your subscribers a personalized code, along with a link that once clicked, will send them to your site. Develop in them a sense of urgency by showing a countdown beside images of items that are on sale. However, a push notification should be carefully crafted to ensure a higher engagement rate among visitors, subscribers, or users.

Create Auto Campaigns

Push notifications can also be used for creating auto campaigns that allow users to be updated about the products that they put on their wishlist of an e-commerce site. If you have product guides or toolkits that you want your users to buy or subscribe to, make use of push messages to let them know about these.

A Browser Notifications Guide For eLearning Companies can also be obtained to better improve the click-through rates of websites that eLearning professionals frequently visit. Do you plan to publish an ebook or host a webinar regarding the products and services you offer?  Make sure you know pretty well how to create an auto campaign for it. If you don’t, relax. You can definitely find a good browser notification guide online to help you with that.

Bring Back A Potential Customer

Push notifications can also do wonders in making your web visitors come back to your site. This can be done through the use of push notifications that inform your website visitors about your new products. Customers who purchased your product in the past but are no longer buying anything from you in the past few months shouldn’t be left to oblivion.

Make an effort to win them back by creating push notifications in the form of special coupon codes to customers who haven’t made any purchase to your site in the past 30 days. Set these notifications on “autopilot” so that it will be automatically sent to the targeted people.

Send Personalized Discount Codes

Research shows that 79 percent of consumers do not give in to what the brands are promoting unless these were relevant. This is when push notifications that have personalized discount codes proved to be effective in increasing your revenue.

The use of a push notification software that gathers information from your target market’s demographics, location, and previous interactions on your website is highly beneficial. This way, the discount code you sent is more likely to appear on the screen of your target consumer. Otherwise, the use of such would only be in vain.

Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate

Push messages that remind your audience about the items that they placed in their carts but chose not to check out are one effective way of reducing cart abandonment rate in your e-commerce site. But, these notifications should be tailored to your audience’s level of investment in your brand.

Note that once the items are placed on the cart, the intention to buy is there. However, there are factors that hinder them from completing the entire check out process. So, your push notifications have to encourage your consumers to continue the process.

How To Create Effective Push Notifications

Use Copywriting That Nails

The challenge with copywriting for push notifications is that you can only squeeze in a very limited number of characters in it. Thus, one has to be a master of creating content that captures the favorable response from your web visitors.

Each word that is written on the push notification must serve its purpose, which is to enable subscribers or visitors to choose the positive response when clicking. Keep in mind that people will only click such notification once they know that it is of a certain value to them.

Personalize Messages Through Segmentation

Push notifications that are highly personalized can increase conversions for up to 300 percent. Personalization must be done with the use of segmentation, where your audience are divided into different categories or segments. These segments are classified according to your audience’s purchasing actions, user behavior, and demographics.

Observe Proper Timing

To increase the likelihood of your push notifications receiving a positive response from your audience, you should know when is the perfect time to send them. Research reveals that notifications sent around 10 am to 1 pm led to an improvement in open rates for as much as 66 percent.

However, a 2014 research also showed that push messages sent between 1pm-5pm from Friday to Thursday also reaped higher positive response from the target audience. As an entrepreneur who owns an e-commerce site, you should be able to monitor the best times of the day and the best days of the week to send notifications to your target audience. This way, you’ll have more chances of increasing the number of leads as well as conversions.

Aim For Geo-Targeting

Push notifications have to be tailored according to what’s the most relevant in the city where the targeted audience lives. The deals and promotions you create should elicit that YES response from your audience. For example, you should make sure that messages about a jacket promotion from your company should pique the interest of people living in an area where the weather requires them to use it.

Make Everything Highly Creative

Before the advent of creative notifications, users admitted to seeing these messages as nothing but mere annoyances. But, today people have gotten used to seeing different types of notifications on their computer and mobile screens.

In fact, in 2015, the number of push notifications circulating the internet has increased to 64 percent. One reason for the prevalence of push messages that people have learned to appreciate is the integration of creative strategies to make these more interesting to the public. How? As mentioned earlier, make it geo-targeted, personalized, and with copywriting at its best.

Push notifications must be designed in a way that user engagement on your e-commerce site increases to the extent of giving you the best ROI as much as possible. But, it is also important to remember that push notifications that worked for other e-commerce sites may not necessarily work for you too. Remember that personalization, geo-targeting, and segmentation are just a few of the many keys to creating push notifications that leave no room for the audience to ignore.

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