Sidewalk Design To Provide QR Codes With Tourist Information

It’s no joke to say QR codes have become a huge hit around the world. Pretty much every product I buy today has a QR code embedded on it. I’s a great way to keep product information updated and current. So why aren’t they used even more within our already jam packed technological world? The answer to that question is simply because QR codes are still in their infancy, but they’re starting to spread. So much so that we are starting to see sidewalk designs incorporating QR codes.

The officials in Rio de Janeiro have said they are about to start incorporating mosaic QR codes into their sidewalk designs. The idea is meant to help tourists find information about the city more easily. The first one was installed about a week ago at Arpoador, a huge boulder at the end of Ipanema beach. It’s the first of many QR codes that will beautify the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

QR codes are a great way to present information without the need of ugly and bulky signs. It is said that almost 5 billion people have a mobile device today and the use of QR codes is becoming ever more widespread. The fact that Rio de Janeiro is the first city in the world to implement QR codes in their sidewalk design is not so hard to understand. The city welcomes north of 1.6 million tourists each year, and this could help guide them through the city’s historic streets and public areas.

It’s impossible to say when more cities will start to implement QR codes into their sidewalk designs. However, I am sure after the success of the launch of the new sidewalk designs in Rio de Janeiro, there will be infinitely more cities that consider doing the same thing. With a quick scan from your smartphone, you would instantly get all the information the QR code inhabits. Not only is this a useful tool for tourists, but it also makes for a much more artsy way of presenting information. It’s art that can last for centuries if maintained.

QR Code Sidewalk Design In Rio de Janeiro



Via: [PSFK]