Quick Draw iPhone Contraption Enables Lightning Fast Answering

When your smartphone rings, do you answer quickly enough or are you always greeted with, “What took you so long?” For some people, pulling the smartphone out of their pocket is an endeavor in itself that takes not only skill but quite a lot of effort. When you have your smartphone in your jeans pocket for example, it’s not always the easiest of things to get it out, especially not when you need to answer it. And don’t even get me started on the whole ordeal when sitting down. I recently wrote about a new kind of jeans pocket that jeans manufacturers are trying to successfully launch. But even with a pair of those jeans, it probably won’t be fast enough for some people. Nope, what we need is some sort of quick draw device that will make our answering skills lightning fast.

Well, we can stop looking because as it so happens, there is already someone who’s been tinkering with the idea of a quick draw smartphone device. It’s an innovative guy from Japan who can probably boast about being the only man on the planet to sport an iPhone quick draw device. We have seen this contraption in movies like Aliens 3 and even in games like Assassin’s Creed, but never in the form of a smartphone device before.

This time around, it’s all about a quick draw that will enable you to answer your cell phone at an almost ridiculously fast speed. The device itself is the most impressive part of the presentation. Don’t think this is a “finished” contraption though. By the looks of things, it needs a little bit of tinkering before it’s ready for commercialization. Not that I think it will become a commercial product, but it would certainly be quite cool to have your very own quick draw iPhone device. Judging from the video, this Japanese quick draw pioneer had a lot of fun both putting it together as well as shooting the video presentation for it. I kinda want one, just for a day or so. Imagine the looks on people’s faces when you bust your iPhone out this way. If anything, that would be quite geeky! The question is whether or not we need quick draw devices for our smartphones. I’ll leave it up to you guys to decide.

Smartphone Quick Draw Device



Via: [Geeky Gadgets]