R2-D2 Cake Plays The Leia Hologram As A Movie Projection On The Wall

Star Wars geeks are passionate. When they create something inspired by Star Wars, it’s usually extraordinary. This includes everything from LEGO builds to life-size replicas to cakes. Yes, I said cakes, as in birthday cakes. We’ve featured a Yoda cake, a Death Star cake and even an Ewok cake before, but this R2-D2 cake which includes a movie projection of Leia’s holographic message that plays on the wall is on a whole different level.

Forget the kiddies, I want this for my next birthday. This cake full of Star Wars awesomeness was created by Marc Freilich for his 6-year-old son. It’s obviously shaped like R2-D2, but it has a surprise built into the inside. It’s a PVC pipe, which holds a projector. The projector can play a little movie projection of the holographic message to Ben Kenobi hidden inside R2 in the movie.

According to Hack A Day, “The PVC pipe running up the center of the droid provided Marc with the ability to run a power and video connector up R2’s spine. These are connected to a small projector receiving video from a netbook placed out of the way.”

At the end of this video, you can hear one of the kids say, “What was that?” On YouTube, the birthday kid’s dad clarifies that it was a party guest who said that. The birthday boy thought this cake was the coolest thing he ever saw. He jokes, “I need to police who he makes friends with better.”

If you want to make your own R2-D2 cake with a Leia movie projection built in it, you are in luck. Marc posted the directions for how he did this on Just Another R2-D2 Birthday Cake Build. The “Happy Birthday Alexander” message in the Star Wars font at the end is a really nice touch. I love this. Happy belated birthday Alexander!

R2-D2 Cake Plays Leia Hologram As Movie Projection



Via: [Technabob]