Polish Company Is Developing A Star Wars-Like Holographic Smartphone

We’re all waiting for it. I am talking about the age of the holographic display that will be incorporated into every imaginable gadget. People have long dreamed of being able to call their best friends or loved ones on a phone that will project the person on the other end of the phone in mid-air, right in front of us. Many think this is pure science fiction, but the holographic smartphone might just be closer to being realized than any of us could have anticipated.

The impressive news comes from a Polish company named Leia Display System and could come to speed up any and all kinds of innovation when it comes to smartphones in general. Their prototype instantly reminds me of the Displair technology that I wrote about not too long ago. However the Leia holographic projector presents new innovations that could make it a technology to keep a fixated eye on.

The Leia projector currently comes with a screen dimension of 65cm x 65cm and boasts an incredibly thin projection surface, only 6mm, which makes it possible to project high definition pictures and video on it. The company is already working on several smaller versions, and they are absolutely positive that they will be able to have a Leia projector fitted into a smartphone within 5 years, which would make it the first true holographic smartphone ever.

What sets the Leia projector apart from all the other air-based mid-air holographic projectors is its incredible resolution. The smaller version, the 65cm projector, of course has a more optimized screen, but there is even a larger version which measure 2.5 m x 3m, which could heavily impress any audience should you want to use it for presentations, premieres or any kind of public announcements.

This developing holographic technology is a sure sign that the innovation, when it comes to smartphones, is about to hit a high tide. More pressure on the major developers and manufacturers is a good thing as innovation once again is pushed to the center of attention. Smartphone users have come to crave innovation and the major players on the market are slowly starting to see that, some faster than others of course, but it’s definitely starting to become the focal point once again.

Have a look at these impressive demonstrations of the Leia projector and imagine it inside a holographic smartphone in the near future. Quite exciting, wouldn’t you say?

Leia Projector – Future Holographic Smartphone Technology

Leia Holographic Smartphone Projector

Leia Holographic Smartphone Projector