DIY Smartphone Hologram Display Puts A Twist On Reality

I don’t know what it is, but there is something about holograms that keeps us mesmerized. The ability to manifest something real in a fake way is something that we are apparently very keen on accomplishing. As you might have seen already in my earlier realistic hologram article today, there has been some significant progress in the field of holographic displays. In order to create an impressive result, these devices usually require advanced software since they are so bulky. Will we ever have the same amazing hologram displays on our smartphones? In order to accomplish this, there is usually a mirror contraption involved. However, a smartphone hologram display should definitely be possible.

As a matter of fact, there are ways you can create these yourself if you have the skills and the knowledge. Home innovator Dawid Herda decided to take on this science fiction feature, and he created his own DIY smartphone hologram display. It’s a small glass mirror pyramid that fits on top of his smartphone. By running a special software that shows a picture from 4 different angles, Dawid is able to produce a quite impressive result. Maybe these kinds of hologram display accessories will become popular in the future.

However, the real hologram displays of course have to float in mid air without constraints around them. Is that even possible? Well, there have been plenty of genius devices that have made this possible. One of these devices is the Displair hologram device. It’s a mind twisting projection device that could change our computer displays profoundly if it is ever perfected. However, it boggles my mind that you can even create a DIY smartphone hologram display without intricate technology involved. Have a look at the video presentation below of Dawid’s own DIY smartphone hologram display contraption and be amazed. Wouldn’t it be super cool to have your very own hologram display? Especially one that fits on your smartphone? The question is, where can we find the tutorial for it? Anyone?

Dawid Herda’s DIY Smartphone Hologram Display





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    Manuela Tosi 9 years

    Mi piace.

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    Sally K Witt 9 years

    So interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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    Jerry Chiu 7 years

    I have been looking for many DIY holographic display for my school project.
    This is absolutely amazing and what I was looking for.
    If it is possible, may anyone teach me how to do it
    Thank you