DIY Superhero: How Today’s Tech Creates Superheroes [Infographic]

When we look at what today’s technologies can do, we quickly see that if they’re combined, we could easily create superheroes that could almost rival the superheroes we see in movies like The Avengers. With today’s technologies, we could possibly create a DIY superhero costume which we could wear to protect the world from evil. If you think about it, how much technology would it take to create a DIY superhero suit? That is exactly what we’re going to look at now.

Before we start digging into this cool stuff, I should state the fact that we are still far away from being able to fly Iron Man-style or throw Hummers across cities a’la The Hulk. But when it comes to the less impossible superpowers, we might actually have a few things that wouldn’t be too far off from what we are used to seeing on the silver screen.

A DIY superhero suit would of course take some innovation and tinkering before we could take on the world, but with a little bit of patience and creativity, we could possibly create a superhero suit that would turn us into legit superheroes by today’s measures.

It is all presented in an infographic called DIY Superhero, and it’s presented by Texas Instruments (yes, the manufacturers of those really cool calculators we all used to use during math class). The tech that is available today has a lot of power compared to what we humans are used to. Exoskeletons help us lift almost inhuman weights without hardly any effort, and the small computers available today can run heads-up display glasses without even lagging one single bit.

Put all these technologies together and add a custom suit to it, and you will have what can only be described as a superhero suit with almost superhuman powers. Now, don’t go searching for bad guys to fight and arrest since you will most likely just get hurt. Nah, instead use your creativity to fight the evil of tomorrow, which is the limit that technology currently presents today. Tomorrow’s technology is only limitless when creativity works as the engine of our innovation.

Texas Instrument’s DIY Superhero Technology Guide

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