Reasons Why You Should Use PDF File Format

A Portable Document Format or commonly known as PDF is a file format that is popularly used because of its security with shareability and access. It means that you can still share, view, or print the document but you can’t edit or alter it without leaving an electronic print on it. PDF is also practical as it saves technical resources such as extra hardware because it can easily be integrated into your server. It is also accessible so you can save it along with other documents.

Here are some advantages of the PDF file format for your documents.

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1. Universal

PDF is a separate format that isn’t affected by the hardware, operating system, and software it’s working from. Its design is for transferring documents that can be accessed across multiple platforms. The acceptability makes it a popular choice over other methods of sharing documents. Modern browsers support PDF files and most computers are pre-installed with PDFs that can be opened easily.

2. Ease Of Creation

The use of PDF is now widely popular because of its universality, but also it can easily be created. Although the source format can be from any document format, the most common is from Microsoft Word or a Word doc from Mac. As stated at Soda PDF, you can still edit your PDF file using its software and make the necessary changes to your document. This makes it a comprehensive tool for document control and processing. You can easily create your own PDF file using a web-based tool or installing the app.

3. Improves Security

Legal documents in PDF are admissible in court. This is because it can’t be altered without leaving an electronic trace. It also has document-level security that allows you to protect the contents of the file from unauthorized access. You can still transfer and share the file but opening it will be protected by a password.

4. Compressed File Size

A typed word document when converted to PDF is compressed by about 25%. This makes it easier to be accessed by different computers and transferring this file format requires fewer resources from your network. This makes it cost-effective because it can cut expenses on storage and makes processing and communication faster.

5. Accessibility

You can access your PDF files using freeware. This means you don’t have to spend to view, send, and print documents in this file format. A normal PC is pre-installed with Adobe Reader and people outside the organization can view PDF files using their web browsers. This makes it easy for service providers that use downloadable content to be accessed by their users.

6. Can Support Multimedia

You can use the format for images, graphics, vectors, and text. This makes it a versatile format for different uses from personal documentation, school assignments, presentations, reports, etc. It can support different contents and its final appearance is the way it was made.

Because of these advantages, it is easy to see why this format is used in many important proceedings like legal and official demonstrations. There are a number of available web-based tools and offline converters that can help you create or rather convert word documents into PDF files which makes it a staple tool for document control. Having a PDF file is like having a digital paper trail of important data that you’d want the integrity preserved.

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