Remember Rings: Heat Up When Your Anniversary Date Approaches

Do you have trouble remembering important dates and scheduled events? No worries, most of us do. It’s a side effect of the increasing stress in our lives which makes us forget things that should be quite easy to remember. There are of course plenty of ways that we can remind ourselves about important dates, but we still want to rely on our own ability to remember them. Small hints are sometimes the only things necessary for us to remember, and that’s where these remember rings come into the picture.

If you’re tired of constantly setting up notifications on your smartphone in order to remember important dates then maybe the remember rings could make a huge impact on your life. Instead of allowing someone to blatantly calling you out and possibly making a fool out of yourself because you set up a “ping” on your smartphone to remember your anniversary, the remember rings secretly notify you by slightly heating up around your finger. The heat will notify you that you are approaching an important date which could be devastating if you forgot.

The remember rings use a patent pending HotSpot technology which reminds you that it’s time for preparations, and time to make your yearly impression. For forgetful people, the remember rings could mean a whole lot less heartache. There is nothing more hurtful than forgetting an important anniversary, we all know that.

The remember rings will save you heartache, humiliation and of course your marriage by secretly notifying you that tomorrow is that special day which you should NOT forget. However, don’t expect it to be a cheap solution. The remember rings are made available by Alaska Jewelry and will set you back a geeky $760.00, but we all know nothing is too good for a loved one. The price tag this awesome thing carries is just another valuable to add to your already perfect marriage. Well, it would be if you never forgot your anniversary again, right?

Remember Rings: The Anniversary Notification System



Via: [Uncrate]