Rendering Solution Found In Blockchain Changes Everything

For many, content is the engine that drives business. With the invention of the internet and online shopping, content is essential. Every website requires fresh, regularly updated content. And social media has only heightened this reality.

Digital and online marketing has taken over. Our social media feeds are saturated with advertisements of catchy slogans, colorful graphics, and engaging videos. Businesses and media agencies are looking for as many creatives to be pushed out as quickly as possible.

This type of content is small potatoes compared to the graphics being put out by filmmakers and video game designers. But in order for these creatives to be pushed out, they must first be rendered.

Rendering has drastically improved over the years. This isn’t just seen by comparing the graphics of the first Godzilla movie with the latest. It’s most evident by comparing the rendering speeds. For example, rendering the 2014 film Godzilla on a single server would have taken 450 years. And Disney needed a 55,000-core supercomputer to render their film Big Hero 6.

While impressive, these stats still show that rendering speeds is still a problem. Not everyone has access to a 55,000-core supercomputer or a VFX crew of over 700. Instead, the common person or small business has to (patiently) wait for their creative to render. On a single server, rendering a still image can take up to 24 hours and even longer for video renders.

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Recent Rendering Solutions

Multiple solutions have been presented in recent years. A popular option is to download a rendering software. There are dozens of these software and they can help speed up the process. Many of these are paid systems. The downside is running multiple programs and switching between them all.

Another option is to have your rendering outsourced. Many are turning to freelancers for their creatives. Fiverr has become a popular option for this.

Leonardo Render is tackling the issue with blockchain. They use a software which vastly speeds up the process of rendering still images. With the power of blockchain, it can render in real time. They have developed a CGI rendering service for graphics that uses already existing GPU mining facilities to render the projects.

It’s easy to see how beneficial this could be for CGI professionals and artists. Not only does it allow for greater production capability and faster rendering speeds. It also provides the creative industry something previously unavailable: the ability to edit and modify their final product without lengthy delays. Before if you wanted to edit the final product, you had to wait for the video to render, greatly delaying the production time. Rendering with blockchain is how Leonardo Rendering is trying to solve this issue.

Rendering On Obsolete Technology

GPU miners will also benefit from Leonardo Render as it will offer a significantly higher payout than previously seen with Ethereum mining. GPU mining on Ethereum is no longer profitable due to less expensive and faster Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) mining hardware. GPU miners basically built Ethereum. Now they have become all but obsolete. But even before ASICs came into play, mining Ethereum with GPU was largely useless, as it only paid $0.04 per hour. Leonardo Render offers a high payout to GPU miners, even up to $0.50 per hour.

Leonardo Render has already partnered with over 20,000 GPUs across several mining farms. Mining is staked with the LEOS work token and the right to provide power and income is earned by GPU miners. Leonardo Render fills a unique, double-edged need. They provide a group of people with faster rendering speeds, by using the processing power of a previously obsolete source.

Leonardo Render CEO and Co-Founder Marco Iodice explain this phenomenon, “There is a deep necessity here, and where is necessity, great ideas come to life. Welcome to Leonardo Render, the Blockchain Render Farm.

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