Resurrect Your Dead Computer

If you use a computer to make a living, you have likely experienced at some point the dreaded “DISK BOOT FAILURE” message on your PC or the equally ominous circle with the line through it on your Mac. Now what?

Finding a high quality, reasonably priced computer repair company on short notice is sometimes easier said than done. Wouldn’t it be nice to perform the repair yourself in a few short minutes? Now you can. The Disk Jockey Pro from Diskology allows you to make an exact (bootable) duplicate of your computer’s hard disk drive and keep it for a spare.

The Disk Jockey user interface could not be simpler: Connect source drive, connect target drive, scroll to copy and push start. All the cables you will need and a hefty power supply are included with the unit.

If your computer’s hard drive fails, simply replace it with your spare hard drive and go right back to work. Here is the catch; you have to make the clone of your hard disk drive before it crashes. The Disk Jockey Pro will clone a dekstop, laptop, mac, pc, linux, tivo, xbox, SATA, PATA, SSD and pretty much any device that boots a computer (sorry no SCSI).

If you go out and buy the same data size (or larger) drive with the same physical size desktop (3.5″) or laptop (2.5″) and same interface (SATA or PATA – also called IDE) as the one in your computer, you can create a spare drive that will pull your proverbial posterior out of a painfully hot fire one day soon. When dooms day comes, pop the spare drive in and continue on your way.

Remember to backup often, I clone mine at the end of every Friday.

Warning: This audio link is rated R for language – Don’t let this happen to you! Click HERE.