Retro CB Transceiver Accessory For Your iPhone

If you are a movie fan like me, you know that the way cops usually interact with each other, whether they are in a car, on a bike or on foot, is through some sort of transceiver device. A transceiver is a gadget that uses band radio frequencies in order to transmit and receive transmissions from another transceiver device. It’s sometimes also called a CB transceiver, and it was quite common during the ’80s when the cell phone was still in its infancy. This kind of device has somewhat died out, but we still see it every now and then on security guards, etc. Today it’s in a more compact form. Back in the old days, you could have a lot of fun with these devices, and a lot of pranks were created that we can’t really recreate today with the cell phones.

However, if you are one of those people who really misses those kinds of quirky gadgets, I think I am about to make you very happy. It so happens that there is now a CB Transceiver available as an iPhone accessory. All you need to do is snap it into your headphone jack on your iPhone, and you should be good to go. It comes with the awesome push button talk feature, and the ability to hear what the caller is saying in the transceiver’s hand held microphone/speaker module.

It’s made available by Strapya World, and right now it will unload about $19 from your wallet should you decide to get it. It’s not exactly a hefty price for such a retro iPhone accessory that will take you back in time like nothing else. So I guess now you don’t have an excuse anymore not to role play a cop or a security guard. I can imagine that this thing will be quite big among all the cosplayers out there who have been looking for something like this for a long time. There is nothing as cool as a little bit of retro added to your iPhone, right?



Via: [Technabob]