Retro Record Player Lets You Convert Old Vinyls To Your iPad

The chance that some of you awesome people have all your vinyl records stored somewhere is quite big. That’s not only because it was once such a hyped medium that at one point we literally couldn’t go into a single store and not stumble over these epic creations, but also simply because there were so many sold. Vinyl records have actually gotten a revival lately, and in 2011 as many as 3.9 million were sold. That’s a huge increase from the year before. But as vinyl records became more rare once the CD became popular, the actual record players themselves become almost extinct. These retro record players have long since stopped being produced by the companies that before pioneered the technology.

There are of course some players out there that still continue to mesmerize us with their retro sound and quality. If you are one of the people who gave up on vinyl records when the CD came about, but you still have your old record collection, you might be able to get a whole new kick out of them now. They are probably sitting around in your basement or attic collecting dust, and it’s about time you start cleaning them. Recently a really cool retro record player was announced, and it is turning heads.

This particular retro record player actually lets you convert your vinyl records, or should we say LPs (Long Play) directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Yup, it’s a really neat little gadget that will bring you right back to the year 1980. It’s made available by Firebox and is called the iLP Turntable. It will set you back a forgiving £99.99 and is sure to liven up that party you have planned for next week. I just love these kinds of things, especially when the new is infused with the old. It makes for a perfect gadget for everyone, well, everyone who loves the retro record player that is. That is exactly what this little gadget is, a retro record player that will rock that house of yours to the ground.

The Retro Record Player iLP By ION




Via: [Gizmodiva]