CAMER-ing: Discrete Ring Camera That Fits On Your Finger

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why companies around the world want their gadgets to get smaller and smaller. Apple is a great example of that. For years they have been hard at work trying to make the iPhone smaller only to increase the size again with their latest iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone 5. I guess in order to make something better, you have to shrink it, rework it, put more stuff into it, and then because of all that, make it larger once again. It’s called innovation, and it is a necessity for technology to push forward. When it comes to innovation within photography, we have seen a steady stream of new digital cameras on both smartphones and stand alone cameras. However, we don’t see many things like this ring camera, right?

This ring camera, called the CAMER:ing, is conceptualized by Hyeonsik Studio and Jeon Yengwon, and it is a seriously geeky gadget. There are a few concepts out there that you can snap to your shirt, and they will automatically shoot pictures for you and upload them to your computer via WiFi or Bluetooth. This ring camera is similar to that, but it activates when you stick your finger through it.

So far, this is only a concept idea, but the uses for it are unlimited. You can use it for fun while live blogging (with the help of some rather simple coding), or you can use it to log your entire life. This particular ring camera concept idea doesn’t use WiFi or Bluetooth to upload your fresh photos to your computer. Instead, it connects with a tablet-like platform and lets you browse your photos that way. I have no idea whether or not this ring camera will ever become a real product, but I have to agree that it would be a really cool concept for photographers who want to get a little bit creative with their photography. Maybe with time, it will shrink a bit as well, since many people might feel it’s a little bit bulky as it is presented right now. What do you think? Is it a concept of the future? Would you use it?

Hyeonsik Studio’s & Jeon Yengwon’s Ring Camera




Via: [Yanko Design]