Rubik’s Cube Meets Apple iPhone

Its been thirty years since Erno Rubik launched the addictive puzzle that either gave us fame amongst friends or endless frustration, the Rubik’s Cube.

The first cube game was hard enough with its confounding little “cubies”, that they taunt us with a new advanced version. A company called Techno Source is launching Rubik’s TouchCube. No twisting and turning in the new version, its gone “iPhone” on us. By simply sliding your finger across the touch-screen you can maneuver the colorful squares.

The TouchCube includes small icons on each side that allow you to power-up, scrambles the cube, and my favorite: supply you a hint what your next move should be. The considerate brain-iacs even provided a solve button that will finish the cube for you, making each side one color.

The new TouchCube goes on sale in October and sells for about $10. The TouchCube even comes with a little stand and charger so you can it keep on your nightstand next to your mobile phone.

I am looking forward to getting my hands (or fingertips) on one of these to test its durability against walls. My old one is missing a few “cubies” from such collisions.