Run Away Alarm Clock!

What is the hardest thing to do in the morning?  Well hands down its actually waking up and getting out of bed!  Found another cool gadget that hopefully can do the trick.  As it says in their site –  the ‘snooze’ button was obviously invented by some sadist with no interest in you actually getting to work in time. In contrast, the Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock is absolutely committed to making sure you don’t miss your train, bus or plane. The moment Clocky starts to beep he launches into action by running away from your fumbling hand. He will roll off your bedside table and trundle about in random directions, ensuring that you have to track him down to turn him off – et voila, you’re already up! You can set Clocky to give you one snooze and then run away at the next alarm, or to run off immediately (by setting the snooze to 0) if you know that for you, one snooze is one too many. The alarm clock that really does go off in the morning, literally – pure genius.