Samsung vs LG – A Comparison Of X TVs In The $300 To $600 Range For 2022

Samsung and LG are among the largest tech manufacturers we have today. Both companies have the best TVs for all prices and have been operational for many years. They use different panel technologies, especially in their latest TV models.

Both companies are based in South Korea but have a market in almost all the countries in the world. Comparing the prices for their TVs is a challenge, especially because of the multiple numbers of models they release every year.

However, it is easier to compare them given a certain price range. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best Samsung and LG TV models in the $300 to $600 range for 2022. But before then, are there common problems with these TV models?

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Common Problems With Samsung And LG Televisions

Most people purchase a TV as a form of entertainment for their homes or even places of work. However, have you ever been in a situation where you cannot use your TV due to a problem that you don’t know how to fix?

Well, each TV model has its problems. The good news is that with a warranty, you can have most of these problems covered. However, what would you do when you turn on your Samsung TV and are not able to watch a certain channel such as HBO Max?

This is a common problem with Samsung TVs. Fortunately, the reasons why HBO Max does not work on Samsung TVs are well known and can be fixed easily without having to seek any third-party support. Other common problems with Samsung TVs include apps not working, TV showing a blank screen, and flickering when in use.

The most common problems with LG TVs include inconsistent colors, false contouring or posterization, lack of output sound, HDMI ports malfunctioning, and streaming apps not working. When faced with a problem, it is good to seek support if you cannot handle it on your own.

4 TV’s In The $300 To $600 Range For 2022

LG 55UP7000PUA

If you are looking for a TV that best suits a wide seating arrangement, then the LG 55UP7000PUA is what you need. It performs well under the LG webOS system. This system comes with multiple applications to streamline your watching experience.

Unfortunately, the 65-inch model of this TV is way above our price range. You would need to go for the 55-inch model if your budget is strictly within the $300 to $600 range. In addition, the 55-inch model does not come with a magic remote like the other high-end TVs from LG.

This TV comes with an IPS-like panel, making it the best for wide seating arrangements. Its image is always accurate even when watching from the sides. Most TVs in this range do not have this feature.

Samsung – 43″ Class Q60A Series

The Samsung – 43″ Class Q60A Series is one of the best-performing TVs in this category. It was released in 2021 as a replacement for the Q60T series.

Compared to most TVs at its level, it comes with excellent contrast, good peak brightness, a wide color gamut, and high-quality pictures. At its price, you are going to get value for your money compared to investing in other TV models.

Unfortunately, it does not come with some motion and gaming features found on the more expensive Samsung TV models. It also exhibits a low input lag with a response time that might not impress some people. It is based on the Tizen OS smart interface by Samsung with a wide selection of apps.

LG – 55” Class UP8000 Series

The LG – 55” Class UP8000 Series is based on an ADS panel which does not have many notable differences from the IPS panel. Just like the LG TV model above, this model provides wide viewing angles. This makes it good for wide viewing arrangements.

Unfortunately, it is not good for dark rooms. This is because it lacks local dimming features and comes with low contrast. This model comes with an amazing response time for a TV in this range, making games and sports quite clear.

The most notable advantages of this TV are its amazing response time, an excellent and smart interface, and good viewing angles.

Samsung – 55″ Class 8000 Series

This is the best TV for those with mixed usage requirements. It comes with a high contrast ratio which makes it excellent for watching movies. It, however, lacks a dimming feature meaning that you cannot get the best TV picture quality.

It handles reflection quite well compared to others in this range. This makes it one of the best for those who love sports. Unfortunately, its viewing angles are narrow, meaning that it is not suitable for a wide seating arrangement.

In conclusion, there is a wide range of TVs falling in the $300 to $600 cost range. However, you need to identify the features that you would like in your TV before settling on one. The above four TVs are among the best in that price range.

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