Save 90% Water – Beads, Beads Beads..

Waterless washing machine that can save water by 90% is an amazing breakthrough.  The technology,  the nylon polymer has an inherent polarity that attracts stains. Think of how your white nylon garments can get dingy over time as dirt builds up on the surface despite constant washing. However, under humid conditions, the polymer changes and becomes absorbent. Dirt is not just attracted to the surface, it is absorbed into the centre. This is exactly what happens when Xeros nylon beads are gently tumbled with dampened garments.

xeros1Environment Benefits Converting from conventional laundry systems will save 90% of the fresh water associated with washing. Take US domestic washing as an example, that translates into 1.2 billion tonnes of water saved per year, equivalent to 17 million swimming pools.

There’s more good news. Xeros reduces carbon foot print impact as well – up to 40% saving if reduction in tumble drying is included (source: URS Corp. study commissioned by Xeros). That’s because far less electricity and detergent is required than conventional systems. This calculation also includes the environment cost of the Xeros nylon beads which will be recycled, never just thrown away.

Put another way, if all US homes converted to the Xeros cleaning system, the reduction in carbon footprint is equivalent to taking 5 million cars off American roads.