Scariest Place On The Web

Is there such thing as the scariest place on the web? For the gamers, I’m sure that they have already played Hotel 626 A Doritos produced game.  A point click game, which has 10 stages. The scare factor is quiet high due to the creepy sound effects, music and the visuals. Plus its very engaging. One must go through the different stages with various tasks to accomplish. People who played it says its very addictive, others just don’t dare at all.  And by the way, you can only play the game from 6 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

What’s so awesome about the production is that they even made a video entitled Hotel 626 The Experiment. I thought it was pretty ingenious to do a teaser of sorts before they launched the game to the public. In the age where engaging your customer is key in having them even go to your particular site. This is one cool way to get attention.