Scope: The Slide Cell Phone Is Back In Action

Ever since I saw The Matrix for the first time, and I saw those guys use Nokia slide phones to get their teleportation going, I have been kind of ditching that whole concept. It wasn’t because of the phone itself. After all, back then it was considered cool to have one of those slightly curved Nokia phones with a sliding cover (I can’t remember the model). It was because of its exaggerated snatch which made it almost seem lethal to use. It made me a little reluctant to own one.

That, of course, doesn’t stop people from continuing to develop concept models where the slide is the main feature. Sure, I can agree that it saves space and still delivers a QWERTY keyboard (which from experience, I know a lot of people prefer over the touch screen). But more than that, I can’t really see the huge impact keeping this style in development.

However, a phone is only as good as its features, so maybe I’ll change my mind when it comes to the stylish “Scope” cell phone designed by Formboten. They are known for their exclusive and stylish designs, and this one is no exception. Even though it doesn’t match up to their usual standard, it’s still a nice contribution to the mountain of slide cell phones. Whether it will see the light of day is unclear, but if you like it, then we can hope for the best.