Secret Compartment Furniture That Makes Any Home A Treasure Hunt

It’s easy to get drawn in by adventure movies, especially if they involve a whole lot of treasure hunting. I remember when I saw National Treasure for the first time. I was glued to the seat in the theater and couldn’t believe all the cool secrets the movie had to offer. It’s somewhat of a bummer that the real world never offers such excitement. Hunting for secret compartments seems to be a lot of fun, especially if it they are hidden as well as they are in the movies.

Innovator and wannabe treasure hunter Brian Grabski is one of the few people who actually creates real life secret compartments for a living. His latest design is a work of genius. With his epic skills, he managed to create a dresser with a secret compartment that I am sure you couldn’t even spot even if you were a detective. The workings of this dresser are not what they seem, and only through certain steps can you access the secret compartment.

It is located at the very bottom of the dresser, and it only pulls out if you follow the steps necessary to unlock it from its holding. The dresser might look like a nicer antique dresser, but it holds far more ingenuity than what might meet the eye. When you see the elaborate “technology” within it, you know Brian knows what he is doing. By the looks of it, Brian used a whole lot more things than what could be purchased at IKEA to pull together this contraption.

The secret compartment is unlocked by a knob within one of the drawers on the dresser. Once turned, you push in the drawer again and the bottom secret compartment hidden under the dresser itself shoots out. How awesome is that? You can really see that Brian spent quite some time coming up with this genius solution, and this is just one of his many genius contraptions. They all make for a great treasure hunting adventure for your grandchildren when they come over in about 40 years or so. I certainly wouldn’t mind having one of these myself. Great analog innovation – and props for great skills!

Brian Grabski’s Secret Compartment Dresser

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