The Secret To Local SEO Success – Finding And Leveraging Influencers

Local businesses have it hard. Not only that their audience is rather small, but they have to compete in oversaturated marketplaces. If not too long ago local shoppers had limited options, now they have the World Wide Web right at their fingertips. So, what can a local business do to stand out? One secret to local SEO success in Winnipeg is collaborating with local influencers.

What Are Local Influencers?

Influencers are thought leaders that your target audience follows and trusts. Due to their expertise in their niche, they’ve become an authority consumers turn to when they want a credible opinion. They’ve built a deep, meaningful relationship with their audience based on trust and mutual respect.

Because people are likely to listen to their opinions and follow their direction, influencers can help you drive more qualified traffic to your website. They can persuade your audience to visit your website or try your products or services. Shortly put, influencers are a sure fire way to bring in conversions.

Celebrities are the most obvious type of influencers. But, although they have a wider reach, they are not necessarily that efficient or relevant for your local customers. Focus on getting a local influencer on your side – someone who the audience in Winnipeg listens to and trusts.

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How Can Local Influencers Improve Your Local SEO?

Highly-connected with your target audience, local influencers can help spread the word about your business via social media sharing, natural links, and traditional mentions. They put your company up front, subtly enticing people to interact with you. As a result, you can get more reviews and natural links than through traditional SEO Winnipeg practices (that’s not to say that you should ignore those.)

The more mentions you have, the higher the chances that search engines will pick up your site and deem it relevant to certain local queries. As your authority grows, so does your ranking in local searches.

How Does A Local Influencer Look Like For Your Business?

Before picking the first local influencer you find in Winnipeg, you need to understand what makes someone suitable for your company. Although tempting, the most popular local celebrity isn’t always the right fit. You need to look beyond the number of followers an influencer has and determine if he or she is popular with your audience.

Here are some criteria to keep in mind:

  • A large number of relevant, quality followers on social media;
  • Regular blog updates with quality content;
  • Connections with the local press;

How do you find local influencers fit for your business? Here are some suggestions.

1. Attend Local Networking Events And Conferences

You already go to local events to expand your network, so why not use the opportunity to find local influencers to increase your local seo? Pay attention to discussions and write down the most frequently mentioned names. Or simply ask other participants whom they see as an influencer. Then, conduct a separate research to learn more about the influencers on your list.

2. Ask Your Customers How They Found You

Are you using a drop-down menu to enquire customers how they found your company? Then, make sure to add the “Influencer” option, alongside Newspaper, Ad, Friends, the Internet, etc., and leave a blank space for them to give you more details. Because the term “influencer” is rather new, it would be a good idea to use “Celebrity” instead.

3. Research On Social Networks

Look for local influencers with 500 to 2000 connections, as A-listers are not that willing to support a business in its early stages. Don’t forget to check their activity, quality of content and followers. You’re looking for someone who is relevant to your audience, has trustworthy connections and delivers quality content. This could significantly increase your local seo.

4. Ask Your Loyal Customers

Be them local or not, current customers are a gold mine. Ask them which events they go to or what blogs and newspapers they read, and you may end up with a list of people that should match your criteria.

Finding the right local influencers for your business is only the first step. Next, you’ll need to learn how to approach them, make a good first impression, and build a lasting and fruitful relationship.

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