When Selecting An Internet Service Provider Consider These Five Factors

It’s highly likely that you find internet communication as an important component of your business, even if you don’t actually see your company as an internet business.

What you get from one ISP could be very different from other providers even though promises of high data speeds and huge discounts may be quite distracting when it comes to settling on an internet connectivity partner. Before you settle on an internet service provider it is a good idea to compare broadband. Choose the right service provider for your business, with the help of our guide on choosing an ISP, if you are interested in securing broadband for a new entity or simply want to switch providers.

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1. Home Versus Business Connections

Connection speeds are dependent on a providers own unique way of operating their core network. You might find it hard to use your connection after school hours with connections designed for home use as business applications may take the back seat as gaming, for example, is prioritized. 

Consider dedicated business service providers or those offering low contention or uncontended rates if the operation of your business relies on internet connectivity.

2. Technical Support 

If your business heavily relies on internet connectivity, choosing a business centric package might turn out to be advantageous to you when things go wrong. Depending on whether you are paying for a business product, such as a premium phone connection, SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) and fix times may differ. You can meet the cost for higher service levels on the phone connection including a six-hour guaranteed fix, if your business needs to be connected to the internet at all times. Furthermore, you can ask about using a backup internet connection to strengthen your connectivity. Does the provider understand your business? 

3. Broadband Speed

You should only pay for the exact level of speed the broadband provider tells you to expect from their connection, something that a reputable provider should be able to accurately tell you. If you are using the connection to run your office, make sure that you choose the right product. The government has made huge investments into the roll out of green cabinets, so be on the lookout for related updates especially if you don’t have access to high speed broadband products as it stands 

4. Security

To ensure that your business does not suffer as a result of expensive phishing schemes and loss of data it is important that you put an emphasis on internet security. Firewall, spam filtering, anti-virus and spy-ware solutions are all offered to clients by most business ISP providers. Only choose ISP providers that can help protect your business from any potential attacks years into the future.    

5. Any Other Bonuses

Think about any other bonus features that may be provided as part of the business product, like a static IP address, when comparing ISP against each other. When it comes to running CCTV or website on your network, creating a VPN or remote connections you will find that having a permanent IP address is essential.  A provider may stand out from the others by simply offering equipment, like preconfigured routers, email account(s), webspace and domain name registration as part of their package to you.

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