SEO Predictions For 2013: The Optimization Forecast [Infographic]

The new year has just started. It’s 2013, and we are about to embark on a new journey through a year filled with exciting opportunities and intriguing obstacles to be solved. It’s the first day of the year, and there are a lot of hopeful business owners and employees looking forward to a fresh start. But as we all know, no matter how much positivity we push into our first day of the year, it won’t show us any more mercy just because of that unfortunately. As an Internet entrepreneur, your worst enemy is actually search engine optimization. You might think your website has all the visual parts in perfect harmony, but as long as the SEO is not maintained, there can be little gain to be expected. That’s why we are going to take a close look at the SEO predictions for 2013.

We have touched the subject of search engine optimization a lot of times before here on Bit Rebels. Every time we’ve covered a new area surrounding it. If we wanted to cover every single part of SEO, we would probably have to write a guide that would be too large for the format of a blog. Each year, there are hundreds of changes to the Google search algorithm for example. Keeping up with that and still having time for SEO predictions is of course virtually impossible.

When it comes to predicting the future, maybe SEO predictions have the highest impact on any brand’s website and advertising campaigns. With the help of some research, we are going to look into the future to see what SEO predictions can be derived from it. What might search engines focus on, and what can we do to increase our search engine optimization to further increase our reach?

The research was completed by imFORZA and is presented in the form of an infographic. It’s promptly called SEO Predictions For 2013, and it invites us to take a virtual look into the future of SEO.

The first thing that hits us is the impact of social media presence. We all know that social media has grown over the years, and it will continue to do so. Your interaction and of course following will play a vital part in how your branded content will rank. However, as privacy is an ever increasing demand by social networking users, it will be harder and harder for services like Google to acquire information to further increase your ranking through social media. It’s the head-to-head game between search engines and social media sites that will most likely have a huge impact on 2013.

What else? Well, tools will become more and more important when it comes to website search engine optimization. There are so many tools made available to us today, and since most are completely free, there are no excuses for why you wouldn’t do your very best to make your site user-friendly and search engine optimized at the same time.

However, Google won’t abandon what they are best at. They will continue to index content, which during 2013 will be the difference between failure and success. If you are not putting out fresh content frequently, you will have little chance of bringing in the large traffic, but content is not just any content. The more time you spend on keywords, structure, length and of course relevancy to what your brand is about, the more traffic will be routed your way when someone searches for content matching yours. Remember, 1-2 word keywords might trail more people, but you will most likely not get the majority of that traffic as there are probably more influential sites hogging them already. Instead, be more specific and try hooking up keywords that are 3-5 word phrases which cater more to your precise branch of business and products.

To say that SEO predictions are an easy endeavor would be to shoot yourself in the foot. Approach it with an empty mind every time since you are likely to have to redo most of your SEO within a couple of months. Learn to take on SEO predictions with a bit of creativity. Try to see what might work for you in the future instead of what you have already optimized. Fresh content is king in 2013, and everything that this SEO predictions infographic presents points in that direction. Have a thoughtful look into everything presented in this, and you will be well equipped to take on the future SEO predictions in 2013.

imFORZA’s SEO Predictions For 2013

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