SEO Trends In UK Post Covid-19 Lockdown

With the lockdown getting eased in most of the countries, companies are again opening the door to serve the business for their customers. Though the day to day activities have not restored to normal, the data from Google shows that the trends for consumer activity are shooting up during the lockdown.

Google has shared key data on how the search trends have taken a new shape with the changing consumer behavior and buying patterns during the lockdown. Here are a few interesting SEO trends in the UK post Covid-19 lockdown.

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Domestic Travel Will Lead

The UK is one of the most affected countries due to the pandemic. A study from Google shows that domestic trips are on the rise as the demand for international trips has gone down due to the pandemic.

So, companies that are trying to rank for the international search terms have to now focus on the keywords that are related to domestic trips and make the most use out of it.

Also, search trends show that people in the UK are constantly searching for the terms “camping” as they are looking out to plan for a vacation. So, travel companies have to focus on such trends and try to do something different in order to get the most business out of it.

Increase Focus On Search

Due to the impact of the Covid-19, most of the companies have paused their SEO and PPC campaign activities. So, it is suggested that the companies should soon start finding a backup. As PPC campaigns are a bit expensive to run, companies must try to focus on building a solid SEO strategy in order to rank their business for industry-related terms.

Also, the impact of coronavirus can also be seen in the search terms people are searching for daily. Google has stated multiple times that 15% of the search queries in its database have never been searched before. So, the companies must make use of the ongoing search trends, and show their constant presence on the top pages of Google.

The fast-movers can take advantage of this situation and bring in more revenue to their business.

“Near Me”-Searches Are The New Trend

During the lockdown, local SEO such as SEO Glasgow has been on the rising trend. People in the UK are constantly searching for keywords with ‘near me’ terms as the lockdown is easing out in different parts of the country.

Searches like ‘stores near me’ have improved a lot in the UK. Businesses that are linked with Google My business must inform their customers when they open for the business again. Also, they must show what are the steps being taken care of by them to protect their staff and public from this pandemic.

The best part post the lockdown is that the consumer searches are increasing on a day to day basis, and businesses need to make the right use of it to generate good revenue.

Companies that take advantage of this data and act quickly can have the edge over their competition.

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