Share Videos on Your Mobile Phone!

We carry our mobile phones everywhere we go. I know some people who even have two or three lines, so that just in case his or her service isn’t available then they have a back up option so they won’t be cut off from the world! Sites now have their versions for mobile use. Even your social networking platforms have wap sites just to make sure that people can still view their sites when no computers are available. But, sometimes it is hard to send videos via the mobile! Don’t fret, now there is an app for that! It is called Thwapr!

If you use Thwapr to send a photo or video to friends, family, or the world on their phone, an SMS will magically take them to your photo or video Thwap. Try Tweeting your Thwap or sharing it to FaceBook. Like Thwapping? Register to upload and share your own Thwaps, and invite your friends to join. You just need to follow 3 steps. One is to Capture – shoot and select a video or a photo from your phone or from your computer (Mac or PC). Then you share to phone or share it via Twitter or Facebook and third you can play it via your mobile phone! Simple and easy!

Too bad right now the service is only open to US and Canada, but who knows it will be open to other countries too!

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