Simple Math Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

Math can be an interesting subject for many. Since ancient times, humans have found ways to measure numerous objects to capture their existence or predict future outcomes. And although math for students is not that complicated, not everyone loves it. Some may even find it to be a very boring subject or something that goes over their head.

One way to solve the agony of having math homework is by getting the help of many of the simple math tricks that exist to make the lives of students easier. Math will no longer be terrifying for students and through these simple tips, they can also improve their mathematical knowledge through them as well. Not only do these tricks make the lives of students easier, but teachers are now also recommending them to make math classes more interesting and easy.

In addition, these tips are helpful for students of all age groups. Even adults can utilize these tips for their day-to-day calculations. And in many ways, these tips can also enable students to indulge in math more while having fun with their daily assignments.

Below are some of the simple math tricks that you probably didn’t know and need to try right now.

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Midpoint Calculations

For tackling those extremely hard assignments related to line segments, you can take help from online portals that can be your very own midpoint calculator. There are many websites that provide this service. Students can get the best help from Calculator Bee, which is a calculation tool that offers students with all kinds of calculation-related solutions. To operate the midpoint calculator, all you have to do is insert the values of the first two coordinates and then enter the two values on the second point coordinates sheet. The system will then automatically show you the midpoint answer. In short, you no longer have to find the midpoint by long calculations, this calculator will do all the work for you.

Multiply Using Fingers

Multiplication can be a difficult thing to do without a calculator by your side. However, people have been multiplying without any machines for nearly centuries. To be able to do the same, you need to learn some finger multiplication skills. To start off, you must know the tables from one to five by memory. The instructions are described below:

  1. Hold both of your hands out with your palms towards you. Each one of your ten fingers is a number.
  2. Bring out the fingers that you would like to multiply by nine, towards your face. For instance, if you would like to get an answer for 9×3, you will have to hold down the finger in the middle of your left hand. This finger will be number three.
  3. Once you have done that correctly, you can solve the problem easily by counting fingers from the left to the right. You have to first count your fingers from the left of the finger that is bent, in the case, there are two. In the next step, you have to count the fingers on the right of your bent middle finger. In this case, it should calculate to 7. Now, if the first digit was 2 and the second was 7, the answer is 27.

With finger multiplication, getting answers to simple problems can be very easy once you get the hang of it.

Greater Or Less Than

Ever got problems in your assignment that were about ‘Greater or Less Than’? Many students still confuse the symbol and get an incorrect answer. The simplest way to know the higher value is by imagining the symbol as a crocodile face. The crocodile will face the number that is the highest. So, all your answer depends on which way the crocodile has turned towards.

Vedic Multiplication

Another way of multiplication can be one of the simplest ones. Taken from an old origin, this method involves multiplying by connecting lines and dots. Not only is this technique very fun for children and even college students, but it is quite simple once you get the hang of it. Unlike finger multiplication, this method can help you solve larger problems.

There are many ways to make learning math, even more fun and simple. Teachers and students can use these simple math tricks for their daily math assignments. These methods can also be ways that can help students indulge in math more and get correct answers more easily. In addition, these methods can also be a way to make math sessions more interactive.

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