Siri Hack Enables Voice-Controlled Home Automation

We all have those lazy days in our lives when we feel like doing absolutely nothing. Some people approach those days by just sitting on the couch all day watching TV, while others sit in front of the computer carelessly browsing away in search of pretty much nothing important at all. It’s easy to connect technology to the way we are getting more and more lazy. All the gadgets and services we are constantly blasted with all scream, “We’ll do the job for you!” It’s good and all, and it saves a lot of time for us to do other things in our lives, sure. However, will there not be a point when we will have too much time on our hands? What then? What are we going to do with all that free time anyway?

There are a lot of people who know exactly how to answer that question for us, and one in particular is Mark Hodder who has been tinkering on a Siri hack to do pretty much everything in his house. Mark uses the Siri proxy server to tap into a ton of things around the house. With it, and the Siri user interface, he is able to voice-control gadgets with ease. What could be done before with a remote control can now be done by casually talking to your new best friend, Siri.

So far, Mark’s hack can turn on and off the Christmas lights, the fireplace and the living room lights. It’s quite a display, and I think even though it would probably be faster to just get off the couch and turn all of these things on and off ourselves, the approach is quite genius. It gives the house we are living in an entity of its own. It will feel more personal, and the best thing of it all… you can actually talk to your house and “she” will respond. Well, Siri will anyway.

Siri Voice Control House Hack

Via: [iPhone Hacks]