Six Reasons Why You Should Shift To Snowflake

Information, which is derived from the data, is the most valuable asset you can have in this decade of the 21st century. The one big difference which differentiates the company which has failed and the company which is still growing at an enormous rate is Data.

But even if you manage to collect the data in this data-driven world, you need a secure warehouse for your data to store. Traditional data warehouses are built on an existing database or “big data” software platform such as Hadoop, which have become less efficient after the coming of SQL database engine-based Snowflake.

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“Information is [the] oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.” – Peter Sondergaard

Snowflake Inc. is a company founded by Benoit Dageville, Thierry Cruanes, and Marcin Żukowski in 2012. It is a California-based company that acts as an analytic data warehouse provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It has some crazy features like separation of storage and compute, data sharing, data cleaning, on-the-fly scalable compute, among a plethora of services.

But the main question is why should you even consider Snowflake migration ditching your previous warehouse? Let’s clear your doubts regarding Snowflake in this article.

Why Should You Even Trust Snowflake?

Even before launching its Initial Public Offering (IPO), Snowflake raised around $1.4 Billion as a venture capital fund, which says a lot about the investor’s trust in the company. And not only this, Warren Buffet, who is probably the best investor of all time, his company Berkshire Hathaway was among the few famous pre-IPO investors of this company.

Not just the big prominent investors, but this company also made it to the top of LinkedIn’s 2019 U.S. list of Top Startups. Snowflake has bagged the majority of the big players in the industry, viz. Abode, Rent the Runway, Capital One, etc. If the big fishes of the market are trusting Snowflake, there must be something good about it.

Here Is A List Of Reasons That Why Should You Shift To Snowflake

Well, it is quite a difficult task to choose just six features that set apart Snowflake from the rest of its competitors, but I have managed to make a list of six reasons that why should you do Snowflake migration right now:

Seamless Data Sharing

One of Snowflake’s best features is that it provides a wide range of sharing options and it is done without any unnecessary shenanigans. It does not matter if the end person is a Snowflake member or not; with Snowflake’s SQL possibilities, you can share data with the end-user through the reader accounts that are accessible from the user interface itself. And not only this, you with your whole team can collaborate with any external business partner without the need to copy or to move data out of the warehouse.

Ease Of Implementation

Snowflake brought the revolution in the data warehousing technology as it is considered one of the most accessible, flexible, and efficient data warehouses for cloud migration, which are available out there in the market. Snowflake is specifically designed to automatically optimize the data storage facility as well as the process of the query to facilitate the end-user. You can do data analysis, blending, and transformations against many types of data structures with just one language, i.e., SQL.

Easy On The Wallet

Everything, in the end, is most probably controlled by one major factor, i.e., Money. First, spending money on data collection wasn’t enough that now even to store that data, it costs much, but not with Snowflake. From its inception, Snowflake has tried to reduce the stress on its customer’s shoulders, keeping the quality of its service top-notch. With Snowflake, you can store an unlimited amount of data, and you just have to pay for the storage, computing, and processing time you use.

High Availability With Outstanding Security

When a bank like Capital One and an MNC like Adobe trusts Snowflake, it says everything about the company’s security system. And not just this, the federal government, state and local agencies, and big business conglomerates from diverse sectors, viz. healthcare, financial services, and security sector, are also a part of the vast Snowflake customer database. Snowflake has built-in security that aligns with the requirements of SOC 1 and 2 Type II. Moreover, it also fulfills PCI DSS requirements with auxiliary encryption and network security. Furthermore, it runs on multi-cluster shared data architecture accessible on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google availability zones.

Cloud-First Approach

The idea was simple, to create something specifically for the cloud, and the founders did it well. They made a product that follows the cloud-first approach, the idea for cross-cloud applications and even multi-cloud systems.

High Performance

Imagine having a phone with the best camera in the world to capture your beautiful smile, the best storage capacity to store all your lovely memories, but just 1 GB of RAM. Will you buy it?

Of all the essential characteristics a data warehouse should possess, high performance should always be a top priority. Snowflake is a modern data warehouse that offers near-infinite scalability with simultaneous workloads isolated on allocated resources. In a layman’s language, any user or team can run independently without affecting the system’s gross performance.

Concluding Note

With the potential to grow multifold in the coming years, Snowflake is all set to give you an unprecedented experience. With its user favoring interface and a wide range of facilities, Snowflake is not just another data warehouse, but it a Cloud Data Platform that is a key to your access to the world of data and services.

It is a network of thousands of institutions and organizations mobilizing data as data consumers, data providers, and data service providers. Find the right Snowflake Technology and Services partner to facilitate you in Snowflake migration and install all the processes correctly.

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