Skype Introduces Video Calling on Your TV | LG

It seems to me like everyone is trying to get ahead. New features are announced each and every day and they get more and more out there. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone announced “Travel to the moon while still in your couch” at the CES show in Las Vegas in 2011. Well, maybe not but the new gadgets and features are getting really advanced and there’s no telling where we’re heading in the future.

Some features that are more than welcome are the ones that actually enable us to do more from our already purchased items. Skype, for example, introduced video calling on LG flat screens at this years CES show. The feature will enable you to sit comfortably on your couch and start up Skype on your TV and use it to call someone using video. Imagine all of us having this feature at home. What a huge step it would be not having to get your laptop or go to your stationary as soon as you wanted to video chat with someone.

I mean, some cell phones already have this feature and it’s really cool. But, the gain here is the huge difference in the display of the video itself. Isn’t it cool that you will have your whole TV as the screen. For me, this would really simplify things when it comes to having video conferences with the Bit Rebels team and also for person to person calls.

I for one will definitely check this thing out as soon as it hits the stores. The price is not revealed yet or I just haven’t been very successful finding it. If someone has a number to throw out there, please comment and let us all know what it will cost when released.

This particular setup is run on an LG TV and using the software (I guess incorporated into the LG flat screen) from Skype. I am sure every manufacturer will incorporate it as time flies by but this particular one uses LG.