Slicing Up The iPhone 4: What It Really Costs [Infographic]

It’s interesting that we were all so excited to hear about the iPhone 5, but what we got was the iPhone 4S. It’s interesting not from the point of view that we were disappointed, but that we actually got the iPhone 5 yet in a different package. This one happened to be named iPhone 4S, and it features a lot of different stuff we haven’t been able to use before. So why were we disappointed? I think it was because we have such high expectations of Apple constantly delivering some groundbreaking and world changing gear every time they announce something, that we have actually become immune to the way technology really progresses.

What we should be thinking about is really the way their technology helps us to live a better life. It’s easy to speak about Apple in a somewhat world dominating tone, as if they were running the world from their offices and doing whatever they please to keep us in shape. However, I think it would be quite stupid to see it that way. Apple is trying to deliver something that will help us to further optimize our living experience, and they do so in very neat packaging, if you know what I mean.

There is one thing that I am sure you didn’t know about, and that is that Apple has a huge margin on their products, especially the iPhone 4. I am sure that if they really wanted to, they could easily make their gadgets the ultimate center of attention by cutting their prices to the point where every other competitor would crumble. Just have a look at this chart that specifies the different parts used in the iPhone 4 (I guess it’s somewhat the same for the iPhone 4S), and what they cost compared to the price they charge for the phone. As you can see, the profit margin is quite big, and the costs compared to Apple’s cut is actually quite amusing. They are making some heavy dough over there, wouldn’t you say? (Infographic created by The Atlantic)

iPhone 4 Sliced Up Infographic