Guy Creates World’s Smallest Virtual Reality Minecraft Device

The virtual reality community is always inventing new and impressive things. Some are accessories, and other things are just too mind-blowing to even comprehend. Jeremy Lee has created such a device, and all it took was a Linux watch a whole lot of technological genius. His idea of how to playing Minecraft is a little bit different from how other people play it. This techno Jedi has created perhaps the coolest virtual reality Minecraft device to date!

By using a Linux watch, a Raspberry Pi Zero, an MPU6040 gyroscope/accelerometer card from a quadcopter, and a whole week to write a driver for the build, he managed to turn it into a virtual reality mini device. The small size of the build is what is the most eye-catching. Well, apart from the awesomeness happening on the screen when it is moved around.

In Jeremy’s own words, [pullquote]”I think this is the first computer that I can accidentally spill into my coffee, rather than vice versa.“[/pullquote] It’s a humble statement that truly emphasizes the complexity of the virtual reality build itself. Which, by the way, you can check out over at Hackaday.

It doesn’t have a keyboard input and the user only has only a single button for clicking. But what does that matter when you are the coolest kid on the block.

Initially, Jeremy tried to implement a way to detect tapping on the screen using the accelerometer. This would turn this virtual reality Minecraft watch into an entirely screen-driven device. However, it disrupts the cursor position, so it was a feature that had to be scrapped. Along with that, the driver board also likes to overheat. This, in turn, kills the battery as the screen doesn’t turn off completely. Considering the low price of the parts used, this is a still great build.

Nonetheless, this virtual reality Minecraft device is a functioning proof of concept. Hopefully, Jeremy will continue to push development further. Who knows what could become of this tiny thing, right?

Would you rather play virtual reality Minecraft in this device or stick to the original desktop/mobile game? Or perhaps you have another way to play Minecraft? Let us know in the comment section below.

Mini Raspberry Pi Virtual Reality Minecraft Device

Virtual Reality Minecraft Device

Virtual Reality Minecraft Device

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