Smart Bathrooms – A Digital Future

It’s incredible how quickly we embrace and adopt new technology. Even the least tech-savvy of us know our way around a smartphone and use apps we never thought we would need. It’s no secret that technology is rapidly changing our homes too.

You might have a smart speaker or two, or be able to see who’s at the front door via your phone. So far, our bathrooms have largely escaped the smart home technology revolution…. until now! Here’s our guide to how a smart bathroom could improve your life.

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Smart Showers

Save valuable time every day by using your phone or smart speaker to turn the shower on – before you’ve even got out of bed! The shower will warm up to your preset temperature and pause, waiting for you to arrive. You can also pre-set the length of your shower to keep you to your morning timetable and save water, too.

Smart Taps

Similarly, smart taps will allow you to run a bath without dashing upstairs – just ask your smart speaker or phone to do it for you.

Bathroom Entertainment

You can already play your favorite music in the bathroom through smart mirror cabinets with Bluetooth. But the next step is to make it visual. Imagine watching the Netflix series from the bath! Many manufacturers are now making waterproof LCD TVs. Some are even mirrored so that they’re still functional when switched off.

Smart Toilets

You might wonder if this is a step too far, but smart toilets have been prominent in Japan for decades. Great for households with tension over toilet seats being left up, smart toilets automatically raise the lid, warm the seat, and can even offer a bidet function to reduce paper use. Self-cleaning toilets are on the rise too. Although they are currently very expensive, these will undoubtedly appeal to those of us that hate this particular cleaning chore.

Other Great Bathroom Gadgets

More luxurious bathrooms in the future might also feature towel-warming drawers and fridges for keeping drinks, medicines, and cosmetics cool. Fitness fans might enjoy smart scales, which automatically update your fitness app with your daily weight. Or you might choose a smart mirror, which shows your reflection under a range of different lighting conditions.

As our homes become ever smarter and the Internet of Things brings us complete control over our devices, there are sure to be new innovations for our bathrooms. But if you’re an early adopter that loves the latest gadgets, this is a great shopping list for your next bathroom renovation project!

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