Must-Have Smart Motorcycle Accessories

The world of motorcycles is a complex one that comes with plenty of alternatives both in terms of vehicles and in terms of accessories. No matter if you are the proud owner of a Harley Davidson or you are just getting a taste of riding, it’s crucial to know that technology is pushing boundaries in this category as well.

Smart gadgets are already available for the mass-market, but some motorcycle manufacturers are developing racing robots. If you’ve already been on Youngchoppers or other similar websites, then you are surely interested in finding the right accessories for your particular needs.

With this being said, before we go into details about what gadgets should become part of your gear, let’s take a look at what technology can mean for this type of vehicle and for racing in particular.

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Robots That Compete In Races

Motorcycles are further developed every day, with new technology being introduced in order to improve the entire riding experience. Given that we’re talking about bikes, safety remains the most important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration. However, there are companies, such as Yamaha, that have been working for a while to develop robots that can participate in races.

In 2018, Yamaha tested the Motobot 2.0 which is a fully-autonomous robot that was specially developed and designed to be able to ride a motorcycle around a racetrack at very high speeds. The test ran by the company then involved the same motorcycle model that Valentino Rossi rode, namely a Yamaha YZF-R1M.

The robot managed to successfully hit speeds higher than 124 mph, but the really interesting fact is that it didn’t beat the time obtained by the famous racer Valentino Rossi. In fact, it was around 30 seconds short of obtaining the same performance. On the other hand, this sort of experiment says a lot about which way the motorcycle industry is going and the importance of technological innovations in shaping it.

Gadgets You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

More and more motorcycles are equipped with very handy accessories such as heated grips, seats, tire pressure monitors, or cameras that allow the rider to see everywhere around him or her. And that’s the way it should be. After all, we do live in a world where technology plays a major role in improving the quality of our lives.

The good news is that there are also gadgets and accessories that are available right now for every rider to install and use, even though these don’t involve hi-tech robots that are going to drive you around.

The first such item that will definitely change your overall riding experience if you’ve never tried it before is the helmet sound system. If you are regularly riding your motorcycle for long distances, you surely know that things can sometimes get dull. The good news is that everything can change, given that a helmet sound system allows you to listen to music.

Of course, it can do even more than that, allowing you to communicate whenever you need to. If you decide to get such a system, you’ll be able to answer phone calls, connect with other riders that are using a similar device, as well as follow GPS navigation instructions, so you never get lost.

GPS And Rearview Camera

Since we’ve mentioned GPS navigation, it’s a good moment to talk about this aspect of riding a motorcycle as well. First of all, many riders think that using the smartphone for road indications is a good idea, but the truth is that this is a solution only if you are willing to get off the road each time you want to make any changes.

However, choosing a specialized GPS unit for motorcycles can save you from a lot of trouble. Some systems even include other features, such as music streaming, hands-free calling, or road alerts.

Now that you know which way you are going, we can also talk about installing cameras around the bike. A rearview model can make your life a lot easier, given that you’ll be able to see what’s going on behind the bike without any effort. Of course, this means both convenience and safety.

Such units are usually installed on the bike’s bumper which is the perfect spot to get a clear view of the rear area. What you should keep in mind is that getting a waterproof unit that includes night vision as well as a much better and more versatile solution.

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