Harley Davidson’s Year 2020 Model Revealed

I can’t say that I am an über fan of bikes; however, I have been contemplating getting one a couple of different times during my short lifespan. If I were to get one, I wouldn’t want to get one of those “Ninja” bikes with a 1,000cc to haul my butt around. I’ve never been a spokesman for plastic two wheel toys. I’d rather go for something that is well done and done properly and robustly. So the choice is, of course, angled towards a Harley.

However, I wouldn’t want one of those old classic ones. I think they are way too… old as far as style. I know I am going to get a heck of a lot of bashing, but I can’t help feeling it’s for the middle aged man. I would rather shoot for something a little more bold and new. They have a model that I like, but of course I don’t remember the name of it, but it looks very similar to a BMW bike that I saw just a few years ago. It’s very robust and futuristic.

That’s why I was happy to see a new concept design of Harley’s 2020 model. Jonathan Russell, the designer behind the bike, has captured the essence of what Harley Davidson stands for. He managed to upgrade it heavily, making it worthy of standing in the Harley lineup.

Of course there are a few things on it that I don’t like, but the overall look of it is quite unique, and I sure wouldn’t mind having one in the garage or even just to take out for a test run.