DashLink: This iPhone Pimped Harley Is Just Badass!

Pretty much everyone knows that if you don’t have a Harley Davidson, you’re not a part of the badboy gang. If you drum up in a Kawasaki or a Yamaha, you will have the smiles; however, the rejection is not far off. Harley Davidson is the equivalent to being bad, and I don’t think anyone disagrees. It’s become somewhat their trademark. Well, I should of course point out that even Harley Davidson has made their share of sports bikes, and not only them cruiser chopper ones. Right now, I am pretending like I know exactly what I am talking about, but I can assure you I don’t.

It’s just that when you see an iPhone incorporated into a Harley Davidson fuel tank, the model of the Harley doesn’t really matter. It’s the fact that there is an iPhone (one of the technology marvels of our time) in the actual fuel tank. I mean, how cool is that! Just drop it in there, turn on that rock music and cruise your heart out. You can even try to look bad if you want. It goes with the game you know.

The iPhone Docking Console comes from Hell’s Foundry and will set you back a nice $399.95. It will completely and seamlessly incorporate with the tank of your Harley-Davidson 1996 and Newer FLHT/FLTR & FLHR models. It comes in chrome plate, gloss black or carbon fiber finish. It’s just badass if you ask me. There’s true badboy leverage there.